The Best Free Dating Site 2014 – Review

The Best Free Dating Site 2014 – Review

match best free dating site reviewChemistry best free dating site review

When you are looking for the best free dating site it is a no brainer to focus your search on the sites which are free to register. Match is one of the few deep matching relationship sites that gives you 3 days free to browse your truly compatible matches and it has the largest pool to choose from with over 30 million. Match is totally free to have conversations for the first few days, so you can get to know your potential partner straight away without the hassle of signing up for any contracts. The matchmaking tool lets you select the type of relationship you are looking for as well as many other criteria with its surprisingly easy to use system.

In summary Match has some of the best matching criteria of any best paid dating sites with the added bonus of being able to communicate with them instantly, making it comfortably the best free dating site 2014.

Chemistry the best free dating site bttn

Price: Completely FREE to For First 3 Days
Members: Over 30 Million

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chemistry the best free dating site
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Detailed UK Match Review 2014


With Match is all about being free to express your interest in many different ways with many ice-breaker choices including the more subtle ‘I am shy and want to chat’ to a more flirty direct ‘I think your hot’ intro. This way you can freely break the ice in the way you want and move onto conversation about some of the interests listed in their profile.

While you are online dating, the site will also alert you to who is looking at your profile with a convenient chime sound. If it’s someone you like you can add them and chat straight away on your IM.

Not only that but their are many ways in which to express your personality in your profile so you can be as open or secretive as you want using your choice of vital stats from height, body size to edcation, so you choose the best dating qualities you want people your UK dating matches to see. The profile style really is a happy medium between being too brief like some dating sites but still managing to to be easy to digest and providing you with some interesting info when reviewing your free matches on the fly.


A free dating site can help you avoid those potentially embaressing situations which come with trying to gather the confidence to speak to your potential soul mate. Their is no chance of falling flat on your face literally or emotionally when making that all importent first move. In this way one of the safest ways of meeting a potential partner is through a free dating site and Match UK is one of the best in this department for 2014.

Looking via online dating for that special someone is quite possibly the safest way to begin your search. All of the information you inlcude is up to you so their is no chance of anyone getting hold of any private info, plus you can hide full name behind a cheeky alias which can be fun to create and can gather a bit of extra attention towards you. Even with photos you can put on your best prefered shots and even keep a select few private for after you really get to know someone. On Match UK some people like to keep it brief but it is well known fact that the most successful members are the ones who keep up a more detailed dating site profile for others to review.

Ease of Use

Match UK is a breath of fresh air to use and combines lots of the best features of many other dating sites. Its not overcomplicated giving you the vital info you need to know including, whos intersted in you and whos viewing your profile via a handy alert box. Its a great feature and is a great way to stay on top of interest without being intrusive. This is all very impressive considering it is a free dating site.


Fine tuning your dating search criteria to meet the right sort of potential partner is a simple affair based on a number of importent characteristics such as Age, Distance and type of relationship. This provides with a large enough pool of matches without filtering out some of those people who on paper do not shine through but could surprise you and becoming the love of your life. Also when you get in contact and a match fails to approve it they are automatically removed from your list to prevent you from treading over the same ground and giving you more time to seek out your perfect UK dating site match.


To summerise has some of the best matching criteria of any of the best paid dating sites with the added bonus of being able to communicate with them instantly, making it easily the best free dating site currently available in 2014.

Chemistry the best free dating site bttn

Recent Posts

The Top 50 Dating Coaches

If you are serious about finding that special someone and are not happy just with your selection of online matches, then a professional matchmaker or date coach is the next step. They offer a wide range of assistance based on the goals you have set yourself for finding a new partner. It could be that you are just looking for a few extra date pointers to set you on the right track, or you may be in need of a complete image overhaul and the assistance of a self professed love guru to set you on the right track. Either way you are sure to find the ideal teacher from this carefully selected list.

General Dating Coaches

  1. Tracey Steinberg – Dateologist: Tracey is the mastermind of a unique coaching program which has successfully helped countless men and women find love, and have healthier relationships.
  2. Amazing Love Doctors: Drs. Peter & Stewart Kandel are nationally-known dating coaches that have been educating and entertaining by providing their single students the real world classroom setting in NYC’s city streets.
  3. Lisa Shield – Naked Dating: Lisa has successfully coached hundreds of single women and men by empowering them to be more confident, and more understanding of the opposite sex.
  4. It’s Your Technique: Alisa Goodwin Snell is a dating coach with 17 years of experience that has helped thousands of singles find success and happiness.
  5. Lindsay Chrisler: Lindsay uses interactive and dynamic lectures, her controversial and curious love life blogging, and her coaching that inspires her clients and gets them results.
  6. The Single Option: Irene Yarkoni has created a patented method known as Spin Dating, which has resulted in many couples finding stable long-term relationships and marriages.
  7. NY Dating Coach – Donna Barnes: As a dating coach, Donna helps identify past relationship patterns to help create a set of personal rules to guide her students to pick a better partner.
  8. Dating Coach Donna: Donna is a Dating Coach/Matchmaker helping busy professional singles, who value their time find romance, by positively rewiring one’s thought patterns to better find love.
  9. Mr. Date Coach: As a certified behavioral assistant, Mr. Date Coach serves your needs by using proven behavioral techniques to help re-shape your dating skills and challenging love life.
  10. Win His Heart: Win His/Their Heart is a unique service that coaches you in how to get your ex back and keep them.
  11. Ultimate Date Coach: Lea Haben has coached many singles and helped them to get back into the dating game and has created a company geared towards helping people feel good about themselves.
  12. Patti Feinstein: America’s Dating Coach, Patti Feinstein, has made thousands of introductions and coached hundreds of clients during her long career in the singles industry.
  13. The Flirt Expert: Rachel DeAlto is a flirting and communications expert, coach, and keynote speaker who is dedicated to helping you make better connections in life and love.
  14. Nico Simon Princely – Private Dating Coaching: Nico, is a man of many talents and expertise. He’s a dating coach specializing in the areas of online dating, inner game coaching, and relationship advice.
  15. The Awakened Lifestyle: John Keegan reaches out and helps others all over the world be more authentic, spontaneous, and skillful in meeting each other and sharing their true selves.
  16. Miami Date Counseling: Dan Silverman is the head coach at Miami Dating Coach works with his clients to help with confidence building, physical attraction, body language, voice training, and conversation skills.
  17. Dating Coach Austin: Dating Coach Austin provides a dating strategy for people who want to learn “the secrets” of expert daters, and get the most out of dating and relationships.
  18. Learning Dating Magic: Learning Dating Magic teaches a set of social skills and techniques that are designed to allow one to confidently approach any group of people, and meet any social challenge.
  19. Vanae – Dating and Empowerment Coach: Vanae works with smart professionals who want to gain more social confidence, dating smartness and personal development to live a meaningful love life as modern men and women.
  20. X & Y Communications: X & Y Communications has lots of dating resources and also specialize in online dating help and direct coaching to succeed at dating.
  21. Dating Coach Starlight: Dating Coach Starlight provides individualized programs, in the form of 1-1 instruction or very small groups and emphasizes individualized theory and practice tailored to one’s specific situation and needs.
  22. Adam Lodolce – the Dating Confidence Coach: Adam LoDolce is a dating coach, author, and touring speaker whose revolutionary programs focus on building rock solid inner confidence for men and women to dominate the dating scene.
  23. Jess McCann: Jesse McCann helps his clients diagnose exactly what they are doing wrong by listening to their unique stories, asking questions, and interpreting their symptoms to find the root cause.
  24. Joann Cohen: Joann Cohen gets real results takes a genuine and practical approach which allows her clients to be themselves, have fun and bring out the best parts.
  25. Finding Lasting Love – the Keys to Success: The program teaches five key things you must know and do to find real love and make it last, while making dating fun and exciting again.
  26. Pam Alexandra – Singles Life Coach: Pam is passionate about helping singles discover who they are, what they want, and empowering them to turn their dream of finding love into reality.
  27. Chipo Shambare, Relationship Coach for Singles: Chipo Shambare is relationship coaches that helps her clients find what they are looking for by having them craft and articulate who they are, and what they want.
  28. Pamela Simmons - Counseling/ Relationship Coaching: Pamela brings knowledge, credentials, skill, and compassion to assist you in your success, and guide you toward the love and joy you are designed to have in your life.
  29. Nina Potter – Relationship Coach for Singles: Nina is actively coaching singles discover the joy and peace that comes from liberation from unconscious living, and helping to focus on one’s goals.
  30. Be in Love Again: Judith Geiger is relationship coach and who takes a compassionate approach in helping others find companionship and achieve their goals of happiness.

Pick-Up ArtistsGods of Dating: Keith Yackey teaches men the real truth about attraction, living up to one’s true potential and how to get the woman of their dreams.

  1. Professional Pickup: Professional Pickup instruction revolves around the idea that you are the most attractive person when you’re able to express clearly who you are.
  2. PUA Coach: PUA Coach goes to great lengths to provide a personalized experience by providing one-on-one Bootcamps. It is structured and molded around students’ needs.
  3. Double Your Dating: David Deangelo’s program encourages his students to get their head in the right place, and to start believing in themselves to overcome their shyness.
  4. Bad Boy Lifestyle: Bad Boy is considered one of the premiere teachers and trainers in the world in the art of seduction, persuasion, confidence and leadership style.
  5. David X Dating: David’s holds seminars about women, sex, female psychology, and dating with the purpose of shifting his students’ perspectives by showing how easy it is to meet and seduce women.
  6. The Natural Lifestyles: A program that focuses on assisting each client in developing the innate qualities he possesses and turn them into irresistible traits that shine brightly for all to see.
  7. Real Social Dynamics: Real Social Dynamics (RSD) is the world’s largest dating coaching company and conducts Bootcamps and Superconferences, that have trained thousands of clients how to pick up on attractive women.
  8. Ross Jeffries – Seduction: Ross Jeffries shows you how to succeed with the women you really want, predictably and reliably, without guess work or games, respecting yourself and the women you enjoy.
  9. Charisma Arts: Charisma Arts is devoted to helping one understand the subtleties of love, sex and conversation through their articles, seminars and private instruction.
  10. Vin DiCarlo: Vin DiCarlo teaches that meeting women is a skill any man can learn, but one must learn to have self-confidence, and overcome fear of rejection.
  11. Seduce in Seconds : Jonathan S. runs Seduce in Seconds which offers dating courses, in-person boot camps and over 20 instructors world-wide who consistently test and film their speed seduction developments.
  12. Orange County Dating Coach: Jarod Oner, a.k.a. Hydro, is the founder and lead instructor of Orange County Dating Coach, a pick-up artist enterprise that teaches the fundamentals of patience, determination, and sacrifice.
  13. The Dating Master: Paul has been teaching guys how to get more women and hotter women through his seminars and platinum coaching for over 15 years.

Love Advisors

  1. Dr. Wendy Walsh: She is an Emmy award winning psychologist of sex, love and relationships; writing for, she offers up advice with no subject off limits.
  2. eFlirt Expert: eFlirt Expert is an online dating consultancy. The company helps singles navigate the vast and often confusing intersection of dating and technology.
  3. Dave and Ethan – Dating Coaches: Comedians Dave and Ethan are dating experts who employ horror-date reenactments, songs of love, interactive exercises, and instructive demonstrations as valuable lessons on how to attain the perfect evening.
  4. Smart Dating Academy: Bela Gandhi ‘s Smart Dating Academy is a full service personal consulting firm that provides busy, successful professionals with dating coaching, image consulting, and online dating consulting.
  5. The Dating Consultant: Rebecca Savidge Gray of The Dating Consultant will help you find your match with her expertise and passion that have helped many clients experience wonderful relationships and sessions
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